Felhasználási feltételek

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1. Scope of Agreement

  1. The use of the services available on the visited platform ("Platform") is offered to you by Motorsportal GmbH ("Motorsportal") on your acceptance of these terms of use ("Terms"). If you have not already otherwise expressly agreed to these Terms, your use of this Platform indicates your agreement. If you do not agree to these Terms, you may not use the Platform.

2. Scope of services/Registration

  1. Motorsportal offers you access  to motorsport content on third party websites via inks as well as a search tool ("Services") which are available free of charge until revoked. Motorsportal reserves the right, also without notice, to discontinue, change or expand at any time, temporarily or even permanently, any part or all of the Services offered on the Platform. Motorsportal furthermore reserves the right to remove any Service at its own discretion and without stating any reasons at any time.
  2. For full display of the Services, User has to register on the Platform. Upon registration, Motorsportal provides the User with a personal account.
  3. Upon setting up the account the User has to provide his name, a user name and a valid email address. User further can select a password to be used for is login on the Platform. User may also use its Social Account for registration on the platform. User is obliged to provide true, accurate, current and complete information and to keep his data up to date. User may change the data at any time by changing the setting of his account.
  4. Motorsportal reserves the right to refuse or revoke a request for setting up an account or to refuse or revoke an existing registration without giving any reason.
  5. User shall be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his login data. User shall hold Motorsportal harmless regarding all damages arising from negligent failure to keep the password confidential. Motorsportal can only check whether a password matches a properly activated User account, but has no further inspection duty. Should the User suspect that its password has become known to a third party, or that the password may have been misused, he has to immediately amend it online and to inform Motorsportal of the possible misuse by email to web@motorsportal.com.
  6. User may terminate its account any time by deleting its account.

3. Disclaimer of liability/No liability for links

  1. Motorsportal has prepared the content of this Platform with due care. Due to the vast amount of data provided and the existing security risks of the Internet it is not possible to entirely avoid errors, infringements by third parties or mistakes. In consideration of these circumstances some information may not be up to date, complete or accurate. Motorsportal – also in consideration that Services are offered free of charge – cannot guarantee the completeness, reliability or accuracy of the Services provided. If you find an error, please report it to web@motorsportal.com. Motorsportal will make diligent efforts to eliminate such errors as soon as possible.
  2. Motorsportal can further not guarantee that the Platform or the Services will be available uninterrupted or error-free. Temporary connection interruptions may occur. Motorsportal reserves the right to do maintenance work at any time. Furthermore Motorsportal reserves the right, also without notice, to discontinue or expand at any time, temporarily or even permanently, any or all of the services offered on the Platform.
  3. Motorsportal does not have any influence on the content and presentation of linked internet services. The liability for such linked websites rests with the respective third party provider. Motorsportal does not adopt the content of the linked websites as its own. Accordingly, Motorsportal is therefore not responsible for the linked internet services, the timelines, the completeness and the accurateness of linked internet services. In addition, the User may need a licence for the use of this linked internet services, and may need to agree to other terms and conditions, which will govern its relationship with such third party providers in relation to its use of such linked internet services. Motorsportal will not be a party to the User's agreements with such third party providers. User therefore should read their terms carefully and ensure that it will be bound by them before using such linked internet services.

4. Data protection, declaration of consent in accordance with Sec 107 TKG

Please find the data protection regulations for the use of the Platform in the Privacy Policy.

5. Copyright protection

  1. Elements on the Platform, such as text, pictures, illustrations, as well as design and structure of the Platform and links, structure and contents of the database are subject to copyright protection and the protection of intellectual property of Motorsportal or third parties. Unless Motorsportal or a respective right holder expressly agrees in writing, these elements may not be copied, send, made available, presented, performed, modified, translated or utilised.
  2. Links to our Platform are welcome as long as they are external links and show complete pages including the navigation frame. It is forbidden to implement single websites in external frames as well as to provide RSS-Feeds on external websites.

6. Final provisions

  1. Motorsportal reserves the right to change the Terms for future usage of the Platform at any time and at its sole discretion. The most recent version of the Terms will be indicated as such and will be published on the Platform. You are obliged to regularly look up for new amendments. Any subsequent use by you of this Platform following the publication of changes to the Terms constitutes your acceptance of any such changes. User with a personal account (see pt 2.2) will be informed by Motorsportal about the planned changes 14 calendar days prior to schedule date the change shall become effective by email to its actual email address. If the User does not explicitly object to the changes within fourteen days upon receipt of this message, in which the User will be informed on the effect of its silence, the change is deemed to be accepted. In case of an objection by the User, former Terms shall apply. In such a case Motorsportal, however, reserves the right to delete the personal account of the User.
  2. Any legal dispute arising from the use of the Platform shall be governed exclusively by Austrian substantive law, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of law. In case of a consumer contract, the choice of law is effective to the extent that no more stringent consumer protection law at consumer's residence is applicable.
  3. All disputes directly or indirectly relating to or in connection with the use of the Platform, including the question of the applicability of the terms and conditions, shall be governed exclusively by the Austrian court having jurisdiction for 1010 Vienna, Austria. This Agreement only applies to consumers as set out in the Austrian law on consumer protection if they have neither their residence nor their habitual abode in Austria and if they do not work in Austria.