HillClimb Monsters

9.500RPM BMW E90 V8 S65 Swap || Onboard 540Hp NA Monster - Ecce Homo 2019

Hungarian Touring Car driver Norbert Nagy has embraced a new Challenge this year and alongside his SEAT Léon TCR he is now doing HillClimb Racing in a BMW E90 V8 Monster that many of our fans may recognize. Yes, this is Istvan "Bongo" Kavecz S65 V8 swapped unit, in all its 540Hp/1170Kg glory, sporting some serious aerodynamic improvements, making it a tremendously fast Hillclimb machine. With goodies like front and rear suspension taken from the WTCC cars, Ceramic brakes, Sequential Gearbox among many others also contribute to the searing pace shown above at Ecce Homo/Sternberk 2019.